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Nancy Sofka: Press

Review by Beverly Hutchison

The Country Playhouse is well know within the Houston theater community for producing some of the best musicals in town. Their current show, GYPSY, is a mammothe production with a twelve piece orchestra and a cast of fifty! The plot is a bit of show-biz history as a loud, pushy stage mmother named Rose (Johanna Bonno) prods her girls June (Misty Shedd) and Louise (Ellen Dyer) into show business. Into the first act is dropped the greatest character, Herbie (Andrew Block). He's a perfect foil for the tyrannical Rose and Block is superb. This is a musical classic that made a star of Ethel Merman in the role of Rose. Fortunately, CPH is blessed with Bonno as Rose who boasts the biggest and most beautiful voice since Merman. Shedd does a nice job as June and Dyer's Louise is terrific. Of course, what would a musical based on vaudeville's transition to burlesque be without some scene stealing performances? Gina Nespoli-Holmes, NANCY SOFKA and Carolyn Montgomery light up the stage and their outfits must be seen to be believed! The songs are all good under the musical direction of Claudia Dyle who succeeds with a cast of strong voices.
Beverly Hutchison - Houston Chronicle

It was a wild night at the Magnolia Hotel with Paul English and Pamela Stonebrooke. These two kids tore it up last night and the music was tighter than June Cleaver on her wedding night. It was non stop entertainment and Paul has never sounded better. The energy in the room was infectious and English played as though he was possessed. The duo was feeding off the loop of this crazed energy that became somewhat of a vortex. A portal was opened and I can best describe it as though, and I'm not alone here, the spirit of Bob Crane was there. Stonebrooke and English, both heavily influenced by Crane, acknowledged the master on stage and the crowd went wild. The bleach blonde was at the top of her game and both appeared to be channeling the spirit of Crane.
An abstract melody of Crane's TV show theme song, flowed from the portal English opened and came through his hands as he tickled, caressed and molested the ivory keys! At one point the crowd began to shout " I know Nothing!! I Know Nothing !!". What a night it was! Oh and single missed out as there was more leg there than one would find in a bucket of Kentucy Fried Chicken! As an added treat to the evening , NANCY SOFKA sang two tunes to the delight of all. She's one to keep an eye out for and is starting to surface at local venues. This club, needless to say, is the place to be
Czech Cultural Center Houston Museum
News Release
Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Czech Center Houston Museum Benefit Gala 2007, A night of music, dinner, dance and extravagant silent auction in a Baroque Palace will be held on Saturday, August 18.

The event commences at 5:30 p.m. at the Czech Center, 4920 San Jacinto, Houston, Texas, 77004 in the museum District. RSVP required; for prepaid reservation call 713-528-2060 or email The festive evening features an elaborate dinner catered by Houston’s legendary Rainbow Lodge well known Television personality Bob Boudreaux, song and music of Nancy Sofka. Be a part of something magical.

Come celebrate the Thirteenth Anniversary and 2004 opening of the elegant three-story baroque palace. The evening includes a Silent Auction with Open Bar and Butler passed hors d’ouevres in Brno Gallery, champagne toast to benefactors in Prague Hall and a Grande Finale Drawing for exciting European Travel. The Center continues a two-million dollar Capital Campaign goal to build-out the third and fourth floor for Library, Offices and additional Exhibit space to enhance further outreach programs to the community.

Founded in 1995 as a 501 [c][3] non-profit educational cultural organization, it provides community services to the public for exhibits, educational programs, concerts, meetings, lectures, luncheons, dinners, private, corporate, social and charitable events. The Center exists to celebrate culture, language, scholarship and arts preserving history and heritage, espousing the significance of knowing one’s ancestry, that all roots are important to being a citizen of the world. It is the Center’s belief that education and charity are cornerstone of enhancing civil society in these challenging times. The Center is committed to the regeneration of the Houston community at large. College scholarships and opportunities for docent and other volunteer experiences for high school, college students and others are available. One of Houston’s twenty museums the Center donates to charities and local schools and collaborates with other museums and cultural institutions